Thursday, 24 April 2008

Welcome to CHICTIQUE

Here at CHICTIQUE we think we have "a clue". We don't wear over the knee socks, nor do we sport overly orange fake tans. We don't frequent places that Danielle Lloyd might be seen at and we would never be caught starring in our own sex tape (actually thinking about it, we wouldn't be seen in anyone's sex-tape, full stop). We wouldn't enlarge our breasts until they were each bigger than our head and we definitely wouldn't design a range of clothing for Asda.

However, we do understand the benefits of a high heel, get envious of Rachel Bilson's wardrobe, we try to eat healthily, we occasionally drink too much wine and wonder where the evening has gone. We will let you know what's happening to the unchic of the world, and how we can learn from them. We will also offer you insider tips on being chic....

Come back tomorrow to see our first proper installment on the CHICTIQUE blog.

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