Thursday, 19 June 2008

Chic: Lesson 1 - Red Carpet Glamour

Charlize Theron is the epitome of modern day glamour. She manages to look every bit the Hollywood A-Lister that she is rising to be. Here, on the red carpet in Berlin earlier this week, Miss Theron shows that it doesn’t have to be floor-length and ruffled to drop jaws. And look at the shoes!

Let’s start with hair and make-up, effortlessly messy hair that no doubt took a team of five, several hours is a world away from the overstraightened extensions so often flouted at premieres. Her make up is flawless, making her look ageless and natural (no mean feat). The dress is different, place it on Nicole Kidman and it would look wrong, put it on Charlize and it looks fabulous. The high neck, the bare shoulders and that puff ball all work together, team it with her even bronzed glow (not protect your eye orange) and the overall effect is just perfect.

The star of Hancock manages to steal the limelight without looking like it was ever her intention and here at chictique we applaud such chic-ness!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Unchic: Lesson 2 - Attention Seeking Boys

Jackson Scott. Once the much younger beau of Sadie Frost, now not so hot. This once Primrose Hillbilly was spotted drinking something that looked supiciously like whisky accompanied by an espresso chaser at Sketch. The flamenco guitarist was sat with two men in suits, albeit of the expensive variety. Annoyingly every time he was left alone by his guests/cohorts - fag breaks or toilet - he was drumming on the table and singing.

I somehow feel that he was waiting for anyone to pay him some attention... I just couldn't give him the satisfaction.

Unchic - men desperate for attention. Please note had he begun to serenade me, this entry might be different!